Friday, 22 January 2010

Finally I have managed to upload a picture of the glorious and gorgeous Poppy who only recently joined our happy throng. She's incredibly difficult to photograph because she's always moving about and often at great speed. On this particular jaunt to Saltburn she was racing with 2 ponies - and winning! She was also nipping at their tails and almost getting trampled on so it was pretty scary.

Anyhoo, back to the ever evolving list of monikers;

mouli legume, mootoo foutou, popske, popki la mopki, poppadom, popsicle, poppylol.
Thursday at college was a joy as nobody was in & the place was so serene. There were only a few of us in the print room & dye lab so I got on with a bit of groovy yellow & green calico & cotton and printed a couple of orange & pink brambles ( I'll scan what I've done soon & add the images to this fascinating blog). I'm reasonably happy with the colour combo & it's brill to see a design I've had in my head for so long starting to take shape.
I spent some time with the lovely Sarah Heseltine (have I spelt that right?) she's a 3rd year surface design student & she was really cool; she showed me some of her prints & talked me through techniques & stuff & was generally really helpful and inspiring. Nice one Sarah.

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  1. did you know youre like a ninja with 2 different blogs? :S